ESD - Electrostatic Discharge

ESD - Electrostatic Discharge

The devices sensitive to static electricity are printed with an ESD symbol.

ESD packaging shall:
- generate low charge,
- be made of static dissipative or conducting material.

Since it is not possible to use EPA (ESD protected area) specific protective equipment outside the EPA, use of ESD packaging is required. Use of static shielding materials or antistatic materials made of conductive polyethylene is recommended outside the EPA. 


/ low charge packaging feature good antistatic properties with low susceptibility to charging due to friction or separation of identical or different materials.

colour - pink
material: HDPE, LDPE

intended use: safe environment for sensitive electronic devices within the EPA
shelf life - up to 1 year

Static shielding packaging

intended as a direct packaging for sensitive electronic devices. The main static shielding material is a conductive metal or carbon, which suppresses or weakens the electric field energy.

It meets two requirements:
1) low charge,
2) electrostatic discharge barrier.

colour - metallic

<50 nJ discharge shielding
shelf life - over 2 years

Static dissipative packaging

The charges flow more slowly to the earth compared to conductive materials.
The damaging potential is reduced.

colour - transparent with graphite mesh overprint

surface resistivity 1 x 10^5 < R < 1 x 10^11
shelf life - 6 months

Conductive packaging 

- static safe environment for sensitive semiconductors, boards etc.

colour - black

material - conductive polyethylene

It features low resistivity for fast transfer of charge through the material.

Surface resistivity R 1 x 10<1 x 10

To avoid short circuit, avoid packaging contact with live devices (batteries or other energy sources).
shelf life - 5 months

Laminates and bubble wrap

- protection against mechanical damage of parts, modules, and end products, electronics and household supplies.

Protect films

- we offer special HS - F16B film. It protects sensitive TV, iPhone and iPad components. The film meets international requirements for electronic devices, certified by laboratory tests.